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You pick the tree, don't let the tree pick you!


The Johnson 360 Tree stand is the first and only tree stand built for crooked trees up to a 45 degree angle. Nearly every tree stand available prior to this innovation required a tree that was nearly vertical.  This severely limited your selection of hunting locations.

The Ultimate one of a kind tree stand.

Fully adjustable horizontally and vertically.

Fits in virtually any tree.

Comfortable seat is adjustable to reduce fatigue.

Seat rotates 360 degrees for safer entry and full visibility.

Doesn't limit your mobility.

100% American Made.

Designed to handle crooked trees.

This stand makes the difference between a 50 yard shot and a 15 yard shot.  The Johnson 360 is putting you exactly where you need to be.

The Johnson 360 allows you to place your tree stand where the game is.  Our unique mounting system allows you to level the tree stand platform on a tree or large limb up to 45 degrees and our rotating seat allows you to more safely use the stand as well as view your area in all directions.

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