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Features of the Ultimate

One-of-a-kind Tree Stand

Fully adjustable in 3 dimensions.  Allows you to level the platform to fit any tree or large branch at up to a 45 degree angle.

Always allows for safe entry and exit from the tree stand.  You can pick the tree, rather than the tree picking you!

Fits virtually any tree.  You no longer have to have a vertical tree or a straight tree.  As you can see for yourself, leaning back or to the side.  This stand can handle it.  Curved or gnarly trees are no problem.

This tree stand is designed for crooked trees.
Simple hardware is used to make setup quick and easy.  Easily adjustable.
Comfortable seat rotates 360 degrees to facilitate safe entry and exit from the stand.  360 degree rotation allows you to silently turn to view your surroundings.

Allows full mobility while in the stand.  Seat post is adjustable for your height and is designed to allow your feet to rest comfortably on the platform.  When properly adjusted, this stand allows you to take your shot seated or standing.

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This stand is manufactured entirely in the USA.  We only purchase components from reputable American companies.

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