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As new questions arise, we will add them to this page. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!

Question: How is the stand adjustable in 3 dimensions?

The mounting base that attaches to the tree can be placed virtually anywhere on the the circumference of the tree to optimally view game trails, etc. It is no longer required that a tree be vertical and straight.

The mounting base can be tilted left or right, front to back to follow the alignment of the tree. A special circular plate allows you to adjust the platform back to level even at the extreme angle of 45 degrees. Besides adjusting left to right, the platform is also adjustable front to back. You can tilt the mounting plate back as far as 45 degrees and forward 15 degrees and still level the platform.

Lastly, the seat rotates 360 degrees to allow the user to face in any direction to easily adjust safety equipment, obtain water and snacks attached to the tree trunk, and have both hands free to manipulate your weapon or camera.

Question: What is the tree stand made of?
Answer: Our stand is made of American steel and fabricated by American workers. Pins and couplers are all high grade steel. Components we do not make are purchased from US suppliers. Since this is made entirely in the US, we do not have the cheap substitutions found in imported tree stands.

Question: How much does the tree stand weigh?
Answer: Since this stand is made of steel, it weigh more than the cheaply build imports. However, since it comes in 3 easy to handle pieces, it is actually easier to mount than the imports. The Mounting Bracket which attaches to the tree is only 12 pounds. It is easily secured with ratchet straps. The platform hangs from the Mounting bracket and therefore it's 19 pounds is minimized. The final link between the Mounting Bracket and platform is only a few pounds as is the seat.

Question: How is this stand different from competitors like The Grey Ghost, Woodsey Too, or Game Tamer tree stands?

First, all of these stands are only adjustable in one dimension (front to back). This forces you to rotate the stand around the tree to find the point where the base is level (side to side). There are only two points on the tree for which this is true. You are limited almost as much as the stands that require a vertical tree. The Johnson 360 can be positioned anywhere around the trunk. This allows you to put your climbing device in the safest position. The Johnson 360 allows you to take advantage of the best positioning for game trails, view through brush, and feeding areas without sacrificing safety.

In addition, all of the stands questioned have other defects. They have small platforms which limits mobility in the stand, the ability to stand up while shooting, and ease/safety of entering/exiting the stand. The Johnson 360 allows adequate room for feet wearing boots and plenty of room to stand up beside the seat.

All of these competitors require lubricants which stain clothes and give off odors. The Johnson 360 uses no lubricants, but is completely silent.

The seat of the Johnson is designed for comfort. Besides adequate padding, the seat is adjustable to your height so your legs don't fall asleep. It offers back support to avoid fatigue and support posture while shooting.

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