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 Got this one the first morning out using my Johnson 360.

 Shaun M, Creighton NE







Finally! After 28 years of deer hunting, I have found a treestand that will get me into virtually any tree! I am just under 6'4" and 280 lbs. and had no trouble setting it up, sitting in it, or adjusting it! It literally presents me a 360 degree shot at that buck of a lifetime!

Shane J - Emmet, NE








I have been an avid hunter for the past 15 years and a dedicated bow hunter for the past 5. In all my years of hunting I have tried many different types of hunting stands. I’ve tried climbing stands, ladder stands, fixed stands and even box stands. All of these stands work well and do an adequate job for hunting in trees, but all are made for trees that are straight up and down. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have many trees that grow strait. The trees in the areas I hunt grow at different angles, fork off in different directions and don’t provide me any possibilities to hang stands in, in the locations I would like at least.

For the past few years I have missed out on many opportunities to kill some nice 140+ class dear all because the deer travel along, feed and are bedded in certain areas I am unable to hang a regular stand in, and trust me I have tried. Two years ago I spotted and watched a huge 170+ class deer travel along a trail just off a food plot I had planted. I had three different stands located in different areas so that I could hunt in any wind direction and all three stands were great, but where this buck came out some nights, I was never able to get a shot off. I tried moving the stands, but the area where he came out didn’t have a tree that was straight up and down. That year I saw that buck three more times and each time I saw him I watched him walk away without any chance to kill him. To say I was frustrated was an understatement.

After that season I spent a ton of time researching online, traveling to buck classics, and hitting up hunting shows all over the Midwest and still found nothing to solve my problem of getting closer to that buck. Then by chance I came across the Johnson 360 Tree Stand. At first I was skeptical, so I did some research. A tree stand that could adjust to almost any tree sounded too good to be true, but proved me wrong.

The stand itself was easy to mount by myself, I was able to adjust it to any tree I stuck in (even a tree that I didn’t think possible) and it allowed me to move effortlessly, without noise, or losing my shooting form once I was in it. Just the overall performance of the stand was outstanding. I have never been that comfortable sitting all-day and able be in a location that I knew would get me a trophy. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would personally give this stand a 10. I couldn’t ask for more. That next year I never saw that big buck, but I was able to take a few nice ones anyway in my Johnson 360. This stand opened up many opportunities that hopefully will lead me to bigger and better deer. Troy H - Lincoln, NE

Nate Powell - Bushwacker OutdoorsHey Guys! Nate Powell with Bushwacker Outdoors here. I just wanted to write and let you know about our awesome Johnson 360 experience! We have been hanging tree stands for more than 15 years, and currently our business depends on successful hunts. In years past we have been forced to settle, both on location and design. As soon as we saw the 360 we knew we had to have it. It's versatility to go in virtually any tree will give us an amazing advantage this fall. No more settling, only hunting comfortably from the right tree in the right spot!

Now to the 360! Our satisfaction started as soon as we took the stands out of the boxes. They were packaged very effectively, and the assembly was a cinch! We didn't have to fight 40 bolts of random lengths, odd number of plastic washers, and spend 30 minutes with assembly. The 360 from out of the box to completely ready for the tree took less than 7 minutes, and when it was done we knew we had a stand that would last! The quality is instantly noticeable and the attention to detail is apparent, and that’s only the beginning. Once in the field we were able to hang the stands in the exact trees we wanted, trees that we simply couldn't get into in the past. Our positive experience carried right into the tree. We had the mounting bracket in place in a snap. Next, the platform which took less than a minute to install. A few quick pins and we were off to attaching the 3rd link. A simple pull of the adjustment pin, and the stand was level. We tightened the bolts to spec. and assembled the seat in no time at all! The whole process of setting the stand literally took less than 10 minutes. The time savings we gained from assembly and installation were used to trim our shooting lanes and set more stands! We are so excited to hunt out of the 360 in comfort this fall. There simply isn't anything else like it!

Happy Hunting,
Nate Powell

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