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Setup is easy!

  Align the mounting bracket on the tree and tighten down with approved ratchet straps.  If this will be a permanent mounting and legal in your area, you can add 1/2" lag bolts of at least 4" in length through the holes in the mounting bracket.  This bracket is only 12 pounds and is easily handled from your climbing device.
  The platform base is added next.  Hang the platform from the hooks on the mounting bracket and insert the retaining pins.  It weighs 19 pounds, but as you can see all of the weight is on the tree so you don't have to wrestle any weight like you do from other tree stands. As you can see in this position the base self-levels and you can snug down the 4 bolts in the mounting bracket disc to hold this position.  The bolts will be fully tightened in the next step per instructions.
  Attach the 3rd Link to the mounting bracket and raise the platform and attach to the platform.  You can now level the base left to right and tighten the 4 bolts to 30 foot pounds so they are secure.  The mounting plate will no longer move.  Next, adjust the 3rd Link to level the platform front to back.
    Last, add the seat and adjust the seat height for a comfortable tree stand experience.

Photos taken by the Fired Up Outdoors staff.  100+ degrees, but they got the stand up easily. You can see Fired Up Oudoors on Hunt Channel

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